BAYC项目方Yuga Labs LLC已将所有猿猴的版权和使用权授权给猿猴NFT持有者

BAYC项目方Yuga Labs LLC已将所有猿猴的版权和使用权授权给猿猴NFT持有者(BAYC Logo除外),这意味着只要持有一个猿猴NFT,就可以基于该猿猴进行二次创作、衍生品制作、乃至各类商业用途。

  2. [9:45 AM]Ape holders are given commercial rights to their specific ape. You can sell its likeness or make derivatives of it. You can give others permission to use it. It’s yours. (edited)
  3. [9:46 AM]We’ve given licensing rights over for the apes, but not our logo, names (Bored Ape Yacht Club, Bored Ape, or BAYC), site images, or other marketing material. Basically, if it isn’t your ape, it isn’t your Intellectual Property. Most of these logos, names, and images related to the BAYC have either trademarked pending status, or are the intellectual property of the artist(s).
  4. [9:46 AM]That said, just because our logo may appear somewhere on your ape, that does not give you the right to use that logo other than on the ape itself or on a derivative of that ape. Basically, you can’t take the logo and use it to brand an item for sale or use it for marketing of a product. (We don’t mind personal use or fan art usage of our logos, just so long as you don’t try and sell them.) The bottom line here is to protect the club, it is important that someone can’t pretend to be BAYC and that they can’t pretend to be collaborating with us.
  5. [9:46 AM]Regarding the term “BAYC”. We allow usage of the term BAYC when used in conjunction with your ape #. For instance, you can’t use BAYC alone on a merch or NFT, but you can use BAYC #1234 or BAYC APE #1234, etc. Think of it like this: you own your BAYC APE, not BAYC, so accurately representing yourself / brand / product, while not infringing on our brand, is important.

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