New BAYC Short Film Reveals the Next Expansion of the Apes’ Universe

When it comes to NFT project popularity, there’s no contest: The Bored Ape Yacht Club will take the cake every time. Having established near dominance over the PFP NFT market, Yuga Labs and its expansive BAYC ecosystem have continued to maintain their hold on Web3, even when announcements and project updates were few and far between.

But now, the next chapter of BAYC has been initiated, sending the NFT community into a frenzy. Launched via a short film titled The Trial of Jimmy the Monkey, the forthcoming phase of BAYC’s lore has prompted excitement, skepticism, and speculation. So to clear the air before Yuga’s impending mint event arrives, we’ve compiled this short guide featuring everything you need to know about this BAYC universe expansion.

The Trial of Jimmy the Monkey

Everything begins with the new BAYC short film The Trial of Jimmy the Monkey. At nearly two minutes long, the animated offering centers on a character named Jimmy, who provides a basis for a new chapter of the Bored Apes’ story. Packed with action and humor (albeit lowbrow at times, but who could blame them), the film features a mysterious box and key presented to a group of partying BAYC members by way of a time-traveling toilet knight.