BAYC creator, Yuga Labs LLC, has transferred the copyright and commercial right of every ape to corresponding ape holder (except for the BAYC TM and logo), which means every ape holder is given the commercial right to his or her specific ape,and he or she can sell its likeness or make derivatives of it or give others permission to use it.

Regarding the terms Bored Ape Yacht Club, Bored Ape, or BAYC and the logo,Yuga Labs LLC allows usage of the term BAYC when used in conjunction with your ape #. For instance, you can’t use BAYC alone on a merch or NFT, but you can use BAYC #1234 or BAYC APE #1234, etc.

Here is the BAYC IP declaration from Yuga Labs LLC :

BAYC项目方Yuga Labs LLC已将每只无聊猿的版权和商业开发权让渡给每个无聊猿持有者(BAYC等商标和logo除外),这意味着只要拥有一只无聊猿,就可以基于该无聊猿进行二次创作、制作衍生品并销售,也可许可他人使用。

关于 Bored Ape Yacht Club , Bored Ape, 或BAYC等词以及 logo的使用, Yuga Labs LLC 允许无聊猿的主人将BAYC等词和自己的无聊猿编号放在一起使用,但是不可独立使用BAYC等词。例如, 无聊猿的主人可以使用BAYC #1234或者BAYC APE #1234等。

Yuga Labs LLC关于BAYC的版权申明如下: